Since the Potentialist Movement is at the "inception stage", support comes in the form of : 

                                                  Support currently available   

                                                                    Forthcoming support in process    

                                                               Future support


Offering intelligent people "something intelligent to believe in"  in the form of   a new 21st century worldview and philosophy to live by that is"packaged" in

an easy to understand and adopt way, and serves as a "complete user guide and operating manual"  for exploring and expressing one's human potential.

                                             click on image of book for more details

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Providing a "forum for expression" so that              potential-packed people can "find their voice".

Providing a way for potential-packed people to meet others so that a "synergy" starts to form in order that collaborative effort begins to provide support of its own.

Making myself available to answer questions and discuss issues of concern to you. 

(It's as simple as sending an email with direct phone conversation to follow.)


Videos are in process which will introduce and explain the Potentialist Movement, and will be available in the future on this website and on YouTube.

Development is proceeding on helping individuals with the"5 KEY MATCH-UPS"  

that are crucial for individual happiness. They involve  (1) matching an individual with the right worldview and philosophy to live by (2) matching an individual's talents to interests, (3) matching a person with the right life-partner, (4) matching    a person with the right career, and (5) matching an individual's children with good beliefs and values to start with. (Click on the image to the right for full details.)

The Potentialist Movement is working in collaboration with other entities to pro-

vide the type of "profiling" that helps make the right match-ups with items 3 and 4.


The support that will come in the future is the support YOU and fellow Potentialists CREATE

by joining forces to make future developments possible. ("THE BOOK" provides all the needed information required to successfully proceed.) What begins with small groups leads to this :

Additional support will come in the

future when — what begins with

small groups — evolves into

congregations that make

the Potentialist Move-

ment into a dynamic

institution that can

offer the type of com-

prehensive and ongoing

training that is necessary to

achieve the desired outcomes.

What begins with the formation of congregations can ultimately lead to this: 

Optimum support will come in the future when congregations of as little of 1000 members

can create a new prototype community in

which people can live, learn, work, and play, consistent with what Walt Disney

intended to create with his EPCOT

center (his Experimental Prototype

Community of Tomorrow). No silly

"commune" is involved here, but

rather a "demonstration project" 

which shows what an enlightened

group of people operating with a

an enlightened set of beliefs and

values can achieve. It's a case in

point of human potential creating

not only a beautiful environment —

but a supportive environment which 

enables human potential to flourish.

(if our goal is to make the most of life

and the world around us — then what

better way than to make the most of the

very world in which we live, learn, work, &

play — one that integrates all our values for



It would be nice if a large well-established organization existed to provide all of the support that is needed to help individuals such as yourself to discover, develop, and express your full potential. But, since the Potentialist Movement is in its "inception stage", much work is needed to build upon what has been initiated. Fortunately the "set of blue prints and the operating manual" exists (in the form of the book) for completing the project. It's just a matter of getting other resourceful people involved. Fortunately, the task at hand provides tremendous outlets through which potential-packed people like you can express your potential, find your identity, and find the sense of fulfillment that you are seeking.

What is needed is having the right outlook on life, adopting a healthy philosophy to live by, having a solid foundation of beliefs, values, ethics, goals, behaviors, strategies, and sense of responsibility; having a clear path to follow, and being part of a movement offering good ongoing training and support.

                               THIS NOW EXISTS

Through the collaborative effort that is outlined in this web-site, it is possible to create the where-with-all to enable you to fully live up to your potential, have a job you love doing, be around people you enjoy being with, and have a real sense of of accomplishment and enjoyment In your life.

                 YOU can make this happen for YOU.

With support available to help you, this may be a good segment to look at next.