"Finding one's identity" and "developing a game plan" for how best

  to live one's life can be as  HARD  as you can make it — or as  EASY.

The HARD WAY is to start with a blank sheet of paper and blunder along for years using the old Trial and Error approach.

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The EASY WAY is to find and adopt a sensible philosophy that has all the key concepts and values assembled in an clear easy to understand "package" so that it is just a matter of implementation.


The "GO" or "NO GO" FIRST STEP involves determining if the philosophy of the Potentialist Movement is the right one for you personally .


Just click on the image  to the right to "read again"

(very carefully this time) the single page that contains

"the 6 key concepts of the Potentialist Movement. 

It should tell you all you need to know to "get started".


(There's no "hard sell" involved here .) Judge these

concepts by their intrinsic merits and whether they

seem "sensible" and a "good fit" with you personally. 

(You might want to print out a copy so you have

 it in hand so as to take the time to think about it.) 

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If the core concepts seem eminently sensible, intelligent,

and relateable — then go ahead with these next few steps.


Just click on the image to the right and read pages 9-59.  Reading these 50 pages will let you know if the Potentialist Movement is right for you. 

If what you read resonates with you, you can continue reading other sections and even the entire book through this link on your computer, lap-top, or tablet. (Doing so may well enable you to find your identity and become the person you want      to be.)  Plus — you'll find the NOVEL to be a "good read" that is enjoyable,  thought-provoking, inspiring, and of great help to you.

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STEP 3:  

Join the Forum and start meeting and conversing with other bright people.

Start to think of yourself and identify yourself as a "POTENTIALIST" who 

now has a sensible new 21st century worldview and philosophy to live by.

STEP 5:   Recommend the book to others.



Gather some friends and acquaintances

together to discuss the book and issues 

people are facing about life's frustrations 

and what can be done about them.

(Often times the local Unitarian Church

is good place to meet thoughtful people                    with whom to form discussion groups.)


(While doing all of the above) . . . get down to the very important business of figuring out what your 

TALENTS  and  INTERESTS are. Doing this is absolutely vital because your SELF-ACTUALIZATION 

depends upon you being able to "match these two elements together" and finding receptive outlets

in which to combine the two. This is the key to finding your sense of enjoyment and accomplishment 

in your life. If you will do this, you will see that the POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT is helping you already. 

 To change your life for the better, take that "first step forward". Why not start to express yourself by going here.