THE CORE VALUES of the Potentialist Movement are based upon  2  KEY  REALIZATIONS :

The SECOND realization is that the well-being of SELF, SOCIETY, & ENVIRONMENT

are totally interwoven and interdependent upon each other — and we must have values and a sense of responsibility for all three. (This realization is portrayed

and can be visualized best with the use of our "triune symbol".)

The FIRST realization is that the primary motivational force for all life forms is to SELF-ACTUALIZE and achieve the fullest extent of growth and potential possible. 

"The well-being of 'each' —

             depends upon the well-being of 'all'."

This symbol provides the framework around which specific values can be assembled for each element. 

By thinking of all values related to each component,  

A very complete "VALUE SYSTEM" exists as the

guide for one's personal "philosophy to live by" 


(CLICK HERE to see the complete list of values for           SELF

NVS self exp.JPG
NVS society exp.JPG

(CLICK HERE to see the complete list of values for        SOCIETY

(CLICK HERE to see the complete list of values for  ENVIRONMENT

NVS environment exp.JPG

Surprisingly enough,

they all seem worth-

while, don't you think. 

    While it's great to have a complete "list" of values, what's really important is to fully understand each one. 


                What's needed is a "short and easy to understand paragraph" that explains each one.

(This not only provides the "foundation" for who you are, but enables you to convey values to your children.)

(FOR EXAMPLE :  a short paragraph explaining each value is included in the Philosophy Book)



In this case, it's one of the values for SELF. But each of the over 120  specific values for                          SELF, SOCIETY, & ENVIRONMENT are likewise covered. No other philosophy handles                          values this clearly and thoroughly. (Sorry, but 10 commandments aren't adequate enough.)

(NOTE :)

            There are over 120 paragraphs LIKE THIS covering each of                      the over 120 values promoted by the Potentialist  Movement.

           (This way ...  every value is clearly explained & understood.)


There is the totally mistaken notion that unless people believe in some divine supernatural force — "a person can't be moral and ethical ".  And yet — as you can see — THE POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT has the most comprehensive and detailed moral code and value system that has ever existed. The fact that it does, shows that mankind has more reason than ever to develop a strong set of values because, in doing so,  man  creates the most favorable environment in which humankind can best live and operate.

The combination of having (1) a full listing of all values and (2) a short paragraph to explain each one  is a winning combination and absolutely necessary if an individual is to have the foundation of beliefs, values, ethics, goals, behaviors, strategies, and sense of responsibility that is required — along with finally knowing "who you are" and "having a game plan" for your life".


Wouldn't you like to be able to say . . .

"WOW ...

        It's great to finally

           know who I am and

             how I want to live life"

As such, going to this segment is helpful in knowing what support is available to help out.