is a non-profit organization

        (instead of being a commercial

endeavor) which offers inform-

ation, education, and training on a commendable new

"21st century worldview and philosophy to live by" and the related "supportive environment" which promote the fulfillment of HUMAN POTENTIAL as that which helps people make the most of life and the world around us. But when we are talking about the people behind the "movement", we are NOT talking about some large established organization in the great out-there. Instead we are are talking about YOU (as valuable co-founding members) and me (as the original Founder and author) working together to create very commendable outcomes. This new MOVEMENT is at the "inception stage" — and as a result — there  ino large organization  . . . as yet


What I as the Founder can do is to clearly articulate everything about the POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT in a well-thought-out way in hopes that it will resonate with individuals such as yourself who may be looking for a way of developing and applying your potential as the key to having the type of "fulfilling existence" that you seek.

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The problem has been that heretofore there has been no new 21st century worldview and philosophy to live by 

that is in sync with 21st century realities. (Most other philosophies and religions were created hundreds or

thousands of years ago and no longer seem relevant.) To fill this void — something new was needed.



Dr. Freeman Rader Ph.D.

The Potentialist Movement was founded by Dr. Rader, a college professor in the fields of Communication and Philosophy, out of frustration over his own struggles to find receptive outlets for his potential and that no existing philosophies or religions provided a comprehensive, intelligent, easy to understand set of beliefs and values to deal with 21st century realities. So he met the need by developing a new philosophy — not around a belief in supernatural forces — but rather around a strong belief in human potential and — not out of human arrogance — but rather out of an abiding sense of responsibility that mankind does justice with the potential that man possesses. He only wishes this worldview and philosophy existed when he started out, but is pleased knowing that something sensible now exists for those looking for "something intelligent to believe in" and that which leads to a "fulfilling and meaningful life".

Fortunately, now a sensible worldview and philosophy exists which is both easy to understand and adopt.

So . . . let's proceed with how to specifically find out what the Potentialist Movement is all about.

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A simple one page summary of the "key concepts" of the Potentialist Movement makes it easy to understand what is involved. Just click on the image and see if it is something that resonates with you. If so — then go to the next shown item to get more information.

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This book explains everything about the Potentialist Movement  in a very easy and enjoyable way. The book is actually two books in one: a 330 page NOVEL that conveys the philosophy in a very interesting "story form", and a 150 page PHILOSOPHY BOOK that explains the philosophy in clear rational terms. The book is available as an E-BOOK through Google Books and as a hard-copy through Amazon.

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Watching forthcoming videos and those on YouTube (as they become available) is a very easy way to get to know more of what the Potentialist Movement is about.

As far as getting to know more "about us" is concerned, everything about the POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT is covered in the most thorough way possible in "THE BOOK". The Potentialist Movement is probably the most comprehensive, intelligent, easy to understand philosophy in existence today. You'll find it to be a "complete package" that is easy to adopt and put to use immediately. It's like a combination "user guide, operating manual, and road map" that enables you to figure out who you are and to explore, express, and fulfill your potential.


                                is a new 21st century worldview and philosophy to live by

                                 … and an alternative to traditional religion. The major

                                difference is that it places its belief in human potential rather

                                than the various gods, and provides the explanations, beliefs,

values, goals, environment, and support necessary for people to make the most of

our lives and the world around us. It relies upon intelligence and rational analysis

rather than mysticism and faith, promotes values and responsibility for SELF, SOCIETY, and ENVIRONMENT; and focuses on constructive ‘SELF-ACTUALIZATION’ as the key to making life meaningful and providing the sense of enjoyment and accomplishment that people are seeking.

If what the POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT is "about" resonates with you, you may want to go to

this segment to find out about the values that lie at the foundation of what we are about.