Wouldn’t it be great to fully live up to your potential, have a job you love doing, be around people you enjoy being with, and have a real sense of enjoyment and accomplishment in life ?

Sounds ideal, right ? Yet very few people ever achieve this goal because they lack initial and ongoing training, support, and a good philosophy to live by. 

NO . . . the answer is not to sign up for an expensive training program or listen to a lot of  pep talks.


THE ANSWER lies in having the right outlook on life, adopting a healthy philosophy to live by, having a foundation of beliefs, values, ethics, goals, and sense of responsibility; having a clear path to follow, and benefiting from good training and support.

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                                                                     is a collaborative effort by people who believe in HUMAN POTENTIAL 

                                                                                   that offers a new 21st century worldview and philosophy to live by  

                                                                                                                   and a supportive environment that focuses on . . .



   1. HELPING YOU  to SELF-ACTUALIZEand discover, 

        develop, and express your full potential for the sense

        of"enjoyment" and"accomplishment" that results.


                  2.  HELPING YOU acquire a comprehensive set of beliefs,

                          values, ethics, goals, and sense of responsibility for the

                          well-being of SELF, SOCIETY, and ENVIRONMENT that

                          forms the foundation for who you are and become.


                                 3. HELPING YOU  meet people and join forces with those who 

                                        share and support your concerns with whom to work together

                                        in order to create the supportive environment in which the

                                        human potential of yourself and others can flourish.           

THE HELP AND SUPPORT being extended by the POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT is based upon the "universal" realization that ...

"Everyone needs 'something' that helps us as individuals make sense            of our existence, provides explanations and direction, and helps us                navigate through the conditions of existence we encounter in one's life."

       ( What is that "something"  ? )

A 21st Century Worldview and Philosophy to Live By

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YES ... we know ... most people think of "philosophy" as the last thing to be interested in. But, in reality, it shapes one's entire life and is the key to establishing one's personal identity. That's why it is so important to pick the right "worldview and philosophy to live by" as soon as possible. Not having one can lead to life-long frustration and disastrous consequences.

"Without a 'worldview and philosophy to live by', we're like a powerful ship 

  caught up in a vast sea of turbulent waters — without a navigation system."



Your "worldview" is your perception of reality and overall outlook on life, and your philosophy to live by" is the set of beliefs, values, ethics, morals, goals, strategies, behaviors, and sense of responsibility that serve as the very foundation for  "who you are and become" and "what you make of your life".

And while we're clarifying some key concepts ... here's another important one to understand :

Why the emphasis on "SELF-ACTUALIZATION" you ask ???  


Simply stated — there is a "primary motivating force" in all of nature that causes all life forms to seek their fullest growth and potential — whether it be a blade of grass, a deer in the forest, a fish in the ocean, or mankind. Most people think the primary drive is for "survival" — but survival for what ???


The best answer is "SELF-ACTUALIZATION" (experiencing the fullest extent of growth and potential). Simply stated. (This inherent motivation and drive by all life forms — is THE "LIFE FORCE" BEHIND LIFE ITSELF.)


With this basic recognition and goal in mind — as in the case of mankind — the following key definition is important regarding what the POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT promotes as the key to having a truly fulfilling and meaningful life:

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is the realization of human potential through the ongoing process of (1) being open to new knowledge and possibilities and (2) fully and constructively matching, developing, and applying one's "talents" to one's "interests" for the sense of personal "enjoyment", "accomplishment", and "fulfillment" that results.


If at the conclusion of your life, you can sit back and smile because you've experienced a real sense of  "enjoyment","accomplishment", & "fulfillment" in life  (as a result of "fully expressing your potential"),

chances are that the question of "what makes life meaningful ?" will have been fully answered. You will have truly achieved your "fulfilled life".

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Having a "worldview and philosophy to live by" — with the goal of  . . .


"fully living up to your potential, having a job you love doing,

 being around people you enjoy being with, and having a 

 real sense of enjoyment and accomplishment in life"

. . .  is markedly different than the goal most people have — which is . . .


" I want to be rich and famous" ...  or ... "just having nice things, family, & friends"

   (without knowing what is necessary to achieve these results ... and only to

   end up feeling that something important in life is still empty and missing.)

THE  POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT represents a whole new approach toward 

           making the most of life and the world around us".

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